Welcome to JorgeSolisArt

       My fascination with film and animation grew throughout my entire life. Education and knowledge of my craft has been important throughout the years.   


In 2001, during my senior year at high school I was accepted into the William Cosby’s Filmmaker’s Workshop at New York University. I was one of the selected 15 at this workshop studying digital filmmaking.


In 2005, I graduated from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York. I majored in Communications, concentrating in Film and Video Production, with a minor in Writing.  At the College of Mount Saint Vincent, I learned about editing, composition, and writing through hands-on work from each of my feature length student films.


In 2007, I continued my education at the New York Film Academy. I studied 3D-Animation in the one year program. At the New York Film Academy, I was taught the pipeline of animation from pitch meetings, storyboarding, animatic production, and modeling.


My knowledge of films and cinematic history has been useful as a critic for HugeReviews.com and as a scriptreader for Intrinsic Value Films, an independent film production company, known for such films as XX/XY and Alphabet Killer.

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